Own everything Jason and Caroline Zook will ever create, forever.


Why is our future only for sale for two weeks (March 28 - April 11)?

Two weeks feels like the right amount of time. In 14 days you should be able to make an informed decision if paying $2,000 is worth the investment to get access to all of our projects - for the rest of our lives (friendly reminder, we're both a very healthy 34 and 28 years young). We also don't want to spend too much time worrying about selling; we want our focus to be on creating things and providing value for the entrepreneurs, creative professionals, and small business owners who buy our future.

Is it really only ONE payment of $2,000 for the rest of our lives?

YES! Can you believe it? This is not a subscription. It is not an annual membership. This is a one-time payment of $2,000 for every product we have created and will ever create for the rest of our lives. We plan to eat a lot of kale salads and stay extremely healthy. There's a ton of value coming your way if you buy our future. Note: $2,000 is the lowest price you will ever see for BuyOurFuture going forward.

How do the payment plans work for buying our future?

If you are purchasing our future using the payment plan option you need to know two things: 1. When you sign up for the payment plan, the credit card you enter will be charged on the same day of the month for 5 months (automatically). 2. If your payment fails or you cancel your payment plan, you will no longer have access to BuyOurFuture.

There are people who like to do shady things on the Internet. If you're thinking about buying our future using a payment plan and then cancelling after the first month (and only paying $400), you will not be able to get access to our future ever again. Please don't be one of those people!

Where do babies come from?

Well, mommy and daddy have a little party. After their party is over they have nine months of not partying. When the nine months have gone by a magical stork swoops down from Jupiter and drops a species-appropriate baby into mommy and daddy's home. Boom. Babies.

What is not included in buying OUR future?

Kittens. Our organs. Our future children. Lifetime VIP access to Disney Theme Parks. Jason's great grandmother's secret lasagna recipe.

But in all seriousness, the projects listed on the BuyOurFuture website are the guaranteed included items. Projects that are solely created by Jason or Caroline will be added to the BuyOurFuture customer dashboard going forward in perpetuity. Projects where either of us partner with another person will have to have full consent from the partner to be included as a BuyOurFuture product. Oh also, we are not including a "Get out of jail free!" card.

What happens if we get divorced?

Okay, first off... WHOA. Ye of so little faith? Fine, we get it, "statistics" and what not. You're curious. Well... we've already agreed in our prenup that if we get divorced, we'll share custody of the BOF community. (Really?) NO, not really! We don't have a prenup because we don't intend on breaking up, and we recognize that the life and businesses we've built together are inextricably intertwined anyway. We're partners. Always have been, always will be. When you BuyOurFuture, you're investing in our creativity, but you're also investing in our partnership.

What will happen after you purchase our future?

You will earn 16 extra lives. You will grow 1 inch taller. You will look extremely more attractive in a bathing suit. And that special someone will finally answer your text messages. Oh, and you'll receive an email to create a BuyOurFuture account and gain access to the BuyOurFuture dashboard where you can enjoy all of our amazingness. That dashboard will include updates on quarterly calls, and the BuyOurFuture Slack community, plus everything else you will ever need Jason Zook and Caroline Zook related.