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BuyOurFuture is now closed. It was open from March 28 - April 11 and we’re excited to welcome all the new faces to our future. If you want to find out when/if we’ll be opening BuyOurFuture again, enter your email here.


With BuyOurFuture,

you get access to all our past projects, plus FIRST access to






US! Jason and Caroline Zook! Those two yahoos in that photo there. We're creators, small business owners, lovers of animals (especially our dog Plaxico), and we're passionate about helping people like you do the things you love doing. 


ps. We're also newlyweds... so that's fun!

You can read more about us WAY down at the bottom of this page, but we're more interested in talking about YOU and what you can do with our future.


Welcome to the best investment you'll ever make for your business.


We want to give you LIFETIME ACCESS to everything we've ever made AND everything we ever WILL MAKE, so that you can sell more, create more, and teach more. 

You'll get hooked up with:

  • - Access to all of our existing AND upcoming projects and tools.
  • - First dibs on everything else we make. For free. Forever.
  • - Entry to the BuyOurFuture community with direct access to us.
  • - A say in what we make next, so you get what you need, when you need it.
  • - A complimentary unicorn. (Just kidding. Or are we?)

You in? take action now.



Our future MIGHT be for sale again in:


Why spend $2,000 on our future?
What's in it for you?





(Plus an unprecedented look and complete transparency on all our future projects.)


How do you know we'll keep creating cool stuff? Well, take a look for yourself at everything we've already created. The proof is in the pudding. (Mmmmm....pudding.)



we've made a ton of stuff. 

Want us to prove it? Keep scrolling!


A full suite of software to run a profitable business.

The best part about all the software products you get when you purchase BuyOurFuture is that you'll never pay a monthly fee AND you'll continue to get upgrades (at no extra cost). The software products below can help you create and sell online courses, onboard new clients, encourage community involvement, help you make money with your products and services, and track all your business metrics in one place. This is just the software we've created to date! 

Teachery - $900 value

Online courses are one of our favorite ways to spread ideas & generate revenue. Jason co-created a simple, easy-to-customize course framework. Just drop your content in, upload your logo, pick your colors, and you’re ready to start selling! Teachery also has very flexible landing pages and is constantly getting new features added.

yourpack - $400 value

YourPack helps you bring your community together. Whether your community is just getting started or you have thousands of people that could benefit from connecting with one another, YourPack is here to help you foster relationships, without you having to do all the heavy lifting. 


ofcoursebooks - $400 value

OfCourseBooks lets you create branded and embeddable workbooks that help your online course students learn faster and become more engaged with your material. They can also be used for client onboarding and embeddable note taking!



Bumpsale is an incremental pricing platform AKA a super unique way to sell the hell out of your stuff. You start the price at whatever crazy low point you want, and it bumps up slightly with every purchase. Bumpsale is a great way to spice up sales or validate your pricing.


spruce metrics - $750 value

If your business has website traffic, email subscribers, and revenue, you're absolutely going to be over the moon with Spruce Metrics! This handy piece of software is insanely easy to use and takes only minutes to set up. You'll have one beautiful dashboard that shows the pulse of your business, plus upcoming access to helpful resources and lots of personalized data-crunching (just for you and your websites). 


*(We're only at the Software Products portion of BuyOurFuture, there's a boat-load more. And don't forget, you also get everything we make in the future - FOR FREE!)*


Our experiences and skills have been carefully molded into courses you can dive into at your own pace. You'll get immediate access to 13 existing online courses and we have a handful of other ones on the horizon. Many of our courses will help you recoup your BuyOurFuture investment in no time at all!

Highly specific learning for profitability, branding, sponsorships, artistic expression, and more.


how to get sponsorships for anything - $497 value

After years of making moolah off of sponsorships, Jason wanted to teach the world to do the same. Wanna make cash off your blog or event or course or anything? This in-depth course shows you exactly how. (Includes 12+ hours of video lessons that don’t suck!)

PRODUCT TO PROFIT - $499 value

Paul Jarvis + Jason + Nathan Barry = a business bromance created to make YOU money. This workshop features these three teaching you how to develop your product ideas, build the right audience, craft an un-skeezy sales plan, and execute a profitable launch.


EASYCOURSE - $500 value

A foolproof 30-day blueprint to help you plan, create, and launch your online course. This course was co-created with Omar Zenhom, and feels like you're holding hands with two helpful (and hilarious) teachers.


A year and a half after launching “How to Get Sponsorships for Anything,” Jason got a ton of requests for a more podcast-focused guide. So of course he made it! It features interviews with top podcasters and teaches you how to make real money in this booming industry.



This full-scale comprehensive branding class taught by Caroline is EVERYTHING you need to build an authentic and professional brand identity from scratch, even if you don't know what you want your business to be yet! With 4 modules and 26 lessons, it will take you through the step-by-step process of uncovering what makes you unique and baking that into a visual presence that cuts through the clutter!

PODCAST LIKE A BOSS - $279 value

This 7-module masterclass is not about teaching you a few well-worn tips for podcasting, it’s about helping guide you through launching a podcast that helps and drives your business forward. Co-created with Paul Jarvis and Emily + Kathleen from Being Boss.

how dare you - $199 value

It's time you put more YOU into every part of your business. Jason and Paul Jarvis show you exactly how to find your secret sauce and pour it all over every aspect of your biz.


make money making - $97 value

Taught by Caroline and Jason, this masterclass is a rare blend between practical processes AND creative out-of-the-box thinking. If you want to feel motivated and empowered to turn your creative ideas into a real difference in your financial situation, this is a great place to start.


finish your damn book - $199 value

Made in collaboration with the king of real-talk creative business: Paul Jarvis. Why? Because writing books is difficult, damnit. But after years of abandoning projects at the 50 yard line, we cracked the code. And we want to teach you what we learned.


your first e-course - $30 value

Learn how to create, launch and promote your first online course! Everyone has something to teach, and this class will show you how to turn your knowledge and experience into an online product you can be proud of (and one that makes you money too!)


acrylic explorations - $35 value

Explore your own creativity and learn the basics of making abstract art with acrylic paint! In this online class, Caroline walks you through her favorite supplies for painting with acrylics, as well as three different techniques you can use to create your own one-of-a-kind abstract art! 


draw your memories - $30 value

In this drawing class, Caroline shows you 30 days worth of drawing prompts designed to conjure up joyful memories from your past! This class meant to spark your inspiration and improve your illustration skills, as well as serve as an exercise in self-reflection.

better lettering course - $20 value

Learn the basics of hand-lettering and how to create beautiful hand-lettered sketches from start to finish. In this class, Caroline goes over the fundamentals of lettering, tools you can use, different styles of lettering and how to develop your own unique lettering style.


*Still not done yet! Here are a few popular guides and books you'll also get with your purchase.*


Actionable reading materials to up your business game.

We're extremely passionate about writing, but we're also big fans of having our words help you. With everything we write, you'll walk away with incredibly specific takeaways focused on you and your business (not just generic fluff, although marshmallow fluff IS delicious).  


creativity for sale - $15 value

Jason wrote his first book after seven years in the entrepreneurial trenches. He doesn't pull any punches in Creativity For Sale and shares the good, the bad, and the ugly of what it took to build a $1,000,000 business (and then completely walk away). Oh yeah, he also convinced 204 sponsors to help fund the book in a never-been-done-before way of self-publishing. All those 5-star reviews on Amazon about this book can't be wrong!


secrets of squarespace - $20 value

In this guide, Caroline shares in-depth steps on how to implement her five favorite Squarespace hacks that you won't find in the typical template sites you see. 


digital declutter - $20 value

Feel like your digital home is a hoarder's dream? Experience the life-changing magic of (digitally) tidying up with this guide that will help you get your digital files under control and organize your virtual world.


one week to profit - $99 value

You absolutely have hidden profits staring you in the face with your current business. This guide walks you through seven different ways to shift your thinking and increase your profits.


connecting with your core - $20 value

In this guide, Caroline talks about that elusive but oh-so-important voice in your heart -- your intuition! This guide will help you start speaking the language of your intuition, uncover your core values, and put those values into action in your life and business.

upcoming projects

Remember when we said you get immediate access to our FUTURE as well? Here's a glimpse at what we have in store for just the next two years. Who knows what crazy stuff we'll come up with down the road! 


WHOA, that's a lot of stuff...

But how can you actually USE all this stuff?


If you're an aspiring online course creator...

Step 1: Take EasyCourse, a 30-lesson step-by-step guide that is proven to help you finally get that course you've been wanting to create out into the world.

Step 2: Use the Rapid List Building course (a bonus from Bryan Harris) and Chimp Essentials (a bonus from Paul Jarvis) to build your course pre-launch buyer list and learn how email automation can save you hours and headaches.

Step 3: Build your course in Teachery as well as your sales page. Optional step: Use Scott Meyer's Master Facebook Ads  (bonus!) course to learn how you can use Facebook Ads to generate recurring sales for your course.

Outcome: If you are able to sell 40 courses at $50 each, you've just made your entire BuyOurFuture investment back. You could do this in 30 days, easily!


If you're a freelancer...

Step 1: Take Creative Class (a bonus from Paul Jarvis) and learn how to up your freelancing career from someone with 20 years experience.

Step 2: Use Caroline's Better Branding Course to build a brand that you can be proud of (without needing a bunch of design/tech skills).

Step 3: Watch the How Dare You Workshop and get clarity on your voice, the audience you want to reach, and a content strategy going forward.

Step 4: Use ofCourseBooks to build a client on-boarding form to help you gather information. Quickly and easily duplicate your on-boarding forms for new clients.

Optional step: Use Bumpsale to sell your freelancing services in an interesting way with incremental (or fixed) pricing. The setup takes only minutes!

Optional step: Go through the Product to Profit Masterclass and learn how to turn your skills as a freelancer into a product that you can sell on the side (like an online course in Teachery).

Outcome: Get clarity on how to communicate your freelance offerings effectively, have a more automated onboarding process for new clients, and make additional income with a side-product. Also, the BuyOurFuture community is always looking for great service providers (Chantel, Jason's editor, has made over 5x her investment just by getting clients in the BuyOurFuture community alone!)


If you're a small business owner...

Step 1: Read the One Week To Profit guide and find hidden revenue in your existing business.

Step 2: Go through a handful of lessons in the $100 MBA (a bonus from Omar Zenhom) and get better at sales, marketing, and operating a business with less stress.

Step 3: Use Spruce Metrics (analytics platform) to remove the headache of trying to track your website traffic, email subscribers, and revenue. You'll also learn what's working and how you can increase your revenue based on the audience you already have.

Optional: Use Your Pack to build a community for your existing buyers or best customers to interact and build relationships together.

Outcome: Remove stress from your day-to-day operations and have a better understanding of where you can make additional revenue with your existing efforts.


If you're an artist...

Step 1: Take the How To Get Sponsorships For Anything course and learn how you can get sponsors for an in-person workshop that you host, or for an online course you create. BuyOurFuture buyer Dani Ives did this exact thing and made her BuyOurFuture investment back in one workshop!

Step 2: Turn your craft into an online course using Teachery (and EasyCourse). Re-read the steps outlined above "For the online course creator."

Step 3: Have you been thinking about commissioned art pieces? Use ofCourseBooks to create a commission intake form that potential buyers can fill out.

Step 4: Read Caroline's Connecting With Your Core to make sure you're creating a business that aligns with your artistic values.

Optional step: Spend time in the Better Branding Course and How Dare You Workshop to build your personal brand and hone in on what makes your art unique and who, specifically, you're creating your art for.

Outcome: Make money from sponsored workshops (recoup your BuyOurFuture investment). Make money from your craft as an online course (more recouping). Make even more money with commissioned art (did someone say, recouping?).


If you're a blogger...

Step 1: Take your brand and give it the boost it so desperately needs with the Better Branding Course.

Step 2: Use tips from the Rapid List Building course (bonus from Bryan Harris) in conjunction with Chimp Essentials (bonus from Paul Jarvis) to get your email subscriber game on point. There's a reason Seth Godin still emails his blog posts every day.

Step 3: Start making good money with sponsorships on your blog by going through How To Get Sponsorships For Anything (with bonus lessons specifically about blog sponsorships).

Optional step: Go through Podcast Like A Boss and finally put that podcast together that will accompany all the awesome stuff you currently share on your blog.

Outcome: Whether you land a few sponsors or are able to make money selling products to your blog's audience, you should be able to recoup your BuyOurFuture investment in just a few short months (plus, get clarity on your mission and how to grow your audience).


This is the community you've been waiting for. 

276 people to help YOU.

By far, the MOST POPULAR part of BuyOurFuture has been the community. The existing entrepreneurs, small business owners, artists, professional bowlers, podcasters, lion tamers (okay, maybe that one is made up), are excited to learn more about you and join you on your journey.


A community to motivate you.

A community to help support you.

A community to cheer you on.


The question is: What do YOU need?
We have it right here.


Don't just take our word for it.

We have way too many testimonials from existing BuyOurFuture members. We warned you it was the most popular part...


In their own words...


Nico Johnson:

"The BuyOurFuture Slack community is the most engaged and giving group of folks I've had the pleasure of joining. Of the MANY various online communities (free and paid) I am active in, none hold a candle to the quality and quantity of goodness shared in the BuyOurFuture Slack channel. The community is full of rockstars willing to help pull everyone else up a rung on the ladder of life. Offline, I've become really good friends with a couple of the BOFers; they've helped me refine my ideas, my businesses, and even helped me stay in shape!”


iris rankin:

"I came for the tools, but I stayed for the community. Seriously, BuyOurFuture is chock full of courses and software and tools galore to help you move forward with your entrepreneurial goals, but the real value is in a committed, super helpful community, including Jason and Caroline. Both Jason and the other BOF members are quick to offer themselves as thought partners in building your latest project, fresh eyes on your site copy and some easygoing laughs when you're taking yourself too seriously. It's like all of these kind, hilarious and insanely smart people were just dropped in one place for you to hang out with."


alex harvey:

"Oh boy, oh boy. BuyOurFuture has been one of those rare purchases where you immediately say "well that was totally worth it" - and really mean it. Yet, this is just the beginning. Jason creates awesome software, books, community, and courses. I have learned from Jason (and Caroline) what it authentically means to be an entrepreneur, who actually loves what they do and maintains a high level of freedom. Come to think of it, Jason and the BOF community have absolutely left an indelible mark on my life and markedly aimed my career, happiness, and life trajectories higher. “




Our goal is to assemble a group of action-takers interested in living, working, and making money on their own terms, and in their own unique ways.

On top of these fine friends, you’ll have every tool, app, book, resource, and program we have to help you get where you want to go. We don’t keep our secrets of success (and failure) hidden — we share them with people who need them, want them, and can use on them.

Cool people. People like you. YOU are an awesome person who wants to change the world with the work you love to do, in a way that feels authentic and fun.

But you can’t snap your fingers and just say “INNOVATION POWERS ACTIVATE!” (Note for us: great future software project.)

It takes time, resources, and help from people who get it. People you’ll have access to in the BuyOurFuture community.



You’re not just investing in OUR future; you’re investing in YOUR own success.


robert says:

"I bought Jason's future mostly for the software products (Teachery, ofCourseBooks, YourPack, Spruce, etc), and it's already been worth well more than I paid. Since I've started using a few of these, my online community of indie filmmakers is thriving and connecting with each other like never before, and my business is finally coming into its own."

Screen Shot 2017-03-03 at 2.16.03 PM.png


"The access to all of the courses and resources is one big gift you can give yourself to enhance your knowledge and excel in your business. What I didn't expect is the uplifting and supportive exchange in the community of sharing, knowledgeable and fun people that are there for you when you need a helping hand, a pick me up, or just a laugh. You can't put a price on that." 

ashley says:

"The BOF community alone is worth the cost. There are so many talented, like-minded individuals that regardless of your experience, you can always find someone to provide a new perspective or to help you with a problem. The courses and products are far-ranging, which means regardless of where you are in your entrepreneurial journey, there's something useful to take action today."

diandra says:

"Being a part of a community with like-minded individuals is what I was seeking. Although we are all in different industries, we are all the same. It's fun to learn from different entrepreneurs and also have a solid sounding board to run ideas off of. Oh, and Jason and Caroline's products are alright too. :)"


reed says:

"It's the best business investment I've made! I can honestly say I have taken more action in my life to achieve my business and life goals because of BOF. Jason (& Caroline) provide real value; they don't sell the dream, they sell the truth. There is WAY more value than what I paid for! One of the best parts is, they keep making more products, so the value grows FOREVER!"

don says:

"Investing in BuyOurFuture was also a investment in my own. Having inside access to Jason and Caroline's creative ideas and the tools they've developed to put them into action allows me to put my own ideas into action that much faster."

Screen Shot 2017-03-03 at 2.15.34 PM.png

brendan says:

"As somebody who makes things on the internet, buying Jason and Caroline's future is the best investment I've ever made. So many people buy courses to procrastinate from taking action, but what if you made an online purchase that propelled you forward? THIS is that purchase."

chantel says:

"BOF is my favorite, and most widely recommended source for two things: (1) a library of resources to help me learn everything I need to grow my business; and (2) an engaged community of entrepreneurs whose businesses are changing the world. BuyOurFuture is definitely the weirdest investment I've ever made in my business, but it's also easily the BEST."


Want 84 more testimonials?? Check out all the other rave reviews (and yes, we really mean 84 more!)



over $7,500 IN VALUE.


These 23 past projects

These 8 future projects

  • Imperfect Writer Course

  • Do It Differently Book

  • Email Swapper Web App

  • Course on Selling (w/ BOFers)

  • Heart-Centered Biz Course

  • Caroline's First Book

  • Jason's Third Book

  • iPad Lettering Course

All other future projects

Plus, private access to us

Slack Community

This is where you'll get a chance to get to know your fellow Future-Buyers, get direct access to us, and share feedback on your ideas with the BOF crew.

Unboring Quarterly Calls

Wanna know what we're working on? Curious about how our strategies panned out, or whether we hit our goals? We'll share it all with BOF-ers, every quarter.

ready to take some action?


There are three ways for you to buy our future...

Currently Closed!






Everything we've ever created + everything we ever WILL create + access to the community + we work directly WITH YOU to reach your business goals for the next year.

We'll do a full audit of your existing business. Putting your website, brand, and even your P&Ls under our business microscope. There's a deep dive to kick things off and then we build you a personalized plan of attack. Each quarter we'll have a call to review progress and celebrate wins. It doesn't get much more hands-on than this! 


the Buy Our Future package


Everything we've ever created + everything we ever WILL create + access to the community + accountability*.

This is the whole enchilada. The full kit and caboodle. And any other metaphors to clearly explain that you get lifetime access to all 31 projects plus a direct line to us and the BOF community. The $2,000 price tag is the LOWEST amount you'll ever see offered for BuyOurFuture.

*At the request of many of you, we've added some hands-on accountability for new BOF buyers. Our Chief Accountability Officer will work with you on your next project or goal, and keep you accountable for three months. Pretty rad, huh?


our past only


All our online courses, books and guides, and 6-months of Teachery ($2,500 in value!)

If you just want the digital goods, this is the option for you. Our past DOES NOT include access to ofCourseBooks, YourPack, Spruce Metrics, the BOF Community, OR our future projects. This option is a fantastic deal on our existing online courses, books and guides, and 6-months of Teachery.


what could the future hold?




More about us, if you're into that sort of thing...

Jason Zook is an unconventional entrepreneur who lives way outside the box. He sold his name to the highest bidder (twice), used to run a sponsored t-shirt wearing company that went from an idea in a closet to a $1,000,000 business, and self-published his first book by raising $75,000 in sponsorships before writing a single word.

Jason takes incredible pride in the projects he creates. He's not a get-rich-quick guy and is passionate about helping people take more action. Jason is admittedly an OCD-person, but those same tendencies lead him to answer every email he receives and spend time working with creative people of all walks of life.

The idea for BuyOurFuture (originally just BuyMyFuture) was conceived by Jason in 2015 when he found himself with too many projects, and not enough time to promote and sell all of them. What started as an opportunity to get a great deal on his products, has turned into an amazing community that Jason looks forward to serving and interacting with every single day of his life.  


Caroline Kelso Zook is the artist and writer behind Made Vibrant, an online space dedicated to helping soulful creatives live and work as their most vibrant selves.

Beginning her career as an ambition-minded media planner in the advertising industry, Caroline quickly realized the traditional “creative” paths she’d aspired to lacked the freedom of expression and control her core self craved. Determined to course-correct, Caroline left advertising to carve out her own career — one that felt aligned with her values.

She loves sharing her experiences at the intersection of creativity, business and personal growth so that others might feel empowered to step more fully into their own truth.



Over the years Jason and Caroline have worked on many projects together. Not only do they enjoy the challenge of riding the tandem bicycle of life and business, but they thrive and create better stuff when doing it as a team.

And guess what? Now you get the opportunity to join their team... FOREVER!