Own everything Jason and Caroline Zook will ever create, forever.

very important terms & conditions




We, Jason Zook and Caroline Zook, through Jason's company Really Awesome Company, Inc. are doing a one-time license to all our work created to date and all our work we will create in the future.

Selling a licensing regarding the future does not mean that we have the ability to tell the future (but maybe we do) or that we have any obligation to share the secret of life with you when/if we discover it.


This license will only be available for sale between March 28, 2017 - April 11, 2017.

Once this window of time closes, you’ll be able to buy any of our products individually, but not in this all-inclusive license.

There’s a chance we’ll sell this license again, we don’t know what the future holds.


In regards to this agreement, “you” can be a person or an organization. You can purchase this license for your own use or for your organization’s use.

What you can’t do is buy a license and share your access with whomever you want.



In consideration for buying a license, you will get access to the following courses, software, and books:

1. How To Get Sponsorships for Anything ($497)

2. How To Get Sponsorships for Podcasts ($199)

3. Finish Your Damn Book ($199)

4. One Week To Profit ($99)

5. Product to Profit ($499)

6. Creativity for Sale ebook ($15)

7. Bumpsale (Free)
3% transaction fee

8. Teachery ($900/Lifetime)

9. Podcast Like A Boss ($279)

10. How Dare You ($199)

11. EasyCourse ($500)

12. ofCourseBooks ($400/Lifetime)

13. YourPack ($400/Lifetime)

14. Spruce Metrics ($750)

15. Make Money Making ($99)

16. Better Branding Course ($280)

17. Better Lettering Course ($20)

18. Draw Your Memories ($30)

19. Acrylic Explorations ($35)

20. Build Your First E-Course ($30)

21. Secrets of Squarespace ($20)

22. Digital Declutter ($20)

23. Connecting With Your Core ($20)



When we create a new work, you will be notified in three ways:

  • We will post an announcement in the BuyOurFuture Licensees Slack Community
  • We will send an email to the BuyOurFuture Licensees List
  • We will post an update on the BuyOurFuture Licensees Dashboard

This license only applies to future works where we are the sole author/creator. When a work has more than one author, our co-authors will have to agree to make the work available to you under this license. This license applies only to non-commissioned works; it does not apply to projects we are commissioned to create for a client.

Access to our future work does not include anything involving our children, earnings, or personal information.


This is a non-exclusive, non-transferable, paid-in-full license to access, read, and use all the courses, software, and books listed above and works that we create in the future.

This license does not include transaction fees that are included in using software (i.e., Bumpsale, ofCourseBooks, and Teachery). Sorry – you’ll always have to pay those.

You may read and use the information in our works for personal and professional use. You shall not copy, distribute, display, perform, or make derivative works from the works provided under this license without our expressed written permission.

All rights not specified in this agreement are expressly reserved by Jason Zook, Caroline Zook, and Really Awesome Company, Inc.


If we learn that you’ve allowed someone unauthorized access to our works, you agree to face the following penalties:

1. Your license will be terminated and you will lose your access to BuyOurFuture for eternity (until the Apocalypse), and
2. You must make a $2,000 donation to the charity of our choosing at that time (which must be verified).

All other disputes related to this licensing agreement shall be resolved in a court located in St. Johns County, Florida. By purchasing a license, you consent and submit to this jurisdiction. This agreement shall be governed by Florida law.

By purchasing a license, you agree that if there’s a dispute you may only bring a claim on behalf of yourself, and no class action lawsuits. You also agree that the maximum amount you can collect from a dispute is a refund of your licensing fee.

If a court of competent jurisdiction finds any part of this agreement to be invalid, the remaining provisions shall continue in full force and effect.


For the duration of this agreement, we shall maintain the website and all the websites necessary to provide you access to our work.

We're just two people so we can’t guarantee that our sites will be up 100% of the time or that your access might not be limited due to power outages, unpaid cable bills, acts of deities, tornadoes of fire, alien invasions, or any other forces that are outside of our control. We will take reasonable steps to maintain these websites and correct problems as they occur.

All of our products and websites are provided as-is and with no guarantees of merchantability.


The purchase price for this license is $2,000.00. All purchases must be made by credit card using Gumroad’s payment processing service. (Note: By making this purchase, you also agree to their user agreement.)

You have two options for payment:
1. Payment in full, or
2. Pay $400/month for 5 months through Gumroad’s subscription plan.

In the event that your subscription payment fails, you will lose access to BuyOurFuture until the subscription balance is paid in full.

Should something come up a few months down the road and you absolutely need a refund, we will not hold your money hostage. But if a refund is processed, you will lose access to all BuyOurFuture related materials and not have the ability to gain access back in to our future.


We expect this agreement to last a long time, so we need the ability to modify it as things in Really Awesome Company and as the world changes. We have the ability to change this agreement to modify the dispute resolution process, how you receive information from Really Awesome Company, and how you access our work.

This does not give us the authority to terminate this agreement on a whim. Providing value to you is exceedingly important to us. In the event we sell or terminate Really Awesome Company, Inc., we will do everything reasonable in our power to ensure that you will continue to have access to our work.


This license will terminate upon our deaths (morbid, we know). We're willing to keep our work available to you for the duration of our lives, but we can’t ask our families to continue this commitment after we pass on to the next life.

If you die before us, this license will terminate upon your death (also morbid).

This license is non-transferable.

This license will also terminate in the event that the internet no longer exists and we can’t make our work available to you via our websites. (We can’t predict what technology will be like in the future. We will do our best to continue to make our work available to you, but that may not be possible if the internet is obliterated or otherwise ceases to exist.)


Questions, comments, concerns, feedback, and glowing accolades are always welcome. Please contact us at


That’s it! This agreement contains all the terms of the licensing contract between us. If something is not in this agreement, it was left out on purpose.