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Scott Meyer

scott had this to say:

"BuyOurFuture provides the tools and accountability to get shit done. Plus, the community isn't afraid to tell you if your ideas need work. But, they don't stop there like hateful trolls. They help you make it better. It's like an honest friend everyone wishes they had."


jon had this to say:

"BuyOurFuture (BOF) is more than a network of awesome people. It feels like a large family but a family where you would actually be excited to see and hang out at Thanksgiving. BOF has been the best investment I have made in my business career. The BOF Community is my entrepreneur bat signal when I need help and advice."


"I'VE used some of the products And they always deliver as promised, But the real fun is waiting to see what I get next!"



ZOBIA says:

"Investing in BuyOurFuture was the best business investment I have ever made for my own future. You aren't just helping Jason and Caroline do more awesome things - you're giving yourself the permission, tools, and the community of supporters you need to build your own future. BOF has helped me write, plan, and launch my first course, a podcast, and set a goal to finish my damn book and get it published. It's been super inspiring to be a part of this cool project and continues to be the push I need to take action in my life and business!"

Mark says:

"Joining BuyOurFuture has been the single most effective kick in the proverbial ass I have been waiting for. Within a week of signing up, with the use of Teachery and Jason Zook at the inspiration station, I was able to put up my first online course AND earn over a grand!
BOF is not a magic "fix it" pill (although it's close, and I wouldn't be surprised if Jason is working on that for the future), but it sure is an epic combination of tools and mentoring to make the journey to success as a budding entrepreneur so much easier!"


danielle says:

"Buying someone's future might seem like a strange thing. And it is. But it's the BEST strange thing I've ever done for myself, both personally and professionally. You don't just get Jason and Caroline's future, but also their past and most importantly their present. They listen, want to help you grow, want you to do cool shit, and you get to be along for the ride.

Basically, being a BOF'r totes ups your cool status."


"Jason and Caroline totally over-delivered ... in all of the right ... no, amazing ways. Every product created was spot on useful, moved my work forward and did it in a creative way that saved me tons of time and money. My favorite part is that Jason and Caroline actually personally respond and participate, something usually reserved for expensive Masterminds."



"The BOF community and having Jason and Caroline's direct support has been monumental in transforming my life AND business. A real game changer!"


"The BOF Slack community and having access to Jason and Caroline is well worth the price, and that doesn't even include all of the courses and other goodies you get if you sign up!"



"I just opened up my own art studio and makers space! I offer creative courses and ventures to not only other creatives but people that live with mental disorders such as bi-polarity, PTSD and suffer from some sort of trauma. I'm utilizing BOF to help me put together a course I can offer online. So glad I decided to jump in during the first launch! Totally worth it! "


"I like that people in BuyOurFuture are so out of the box. They share tips and insights that are different from what you'll learn from blog by self-proclaimed 'gurus'."



"I love the software products in BuyOurFuture!"


"BuyOurFuture has helped me gain access to all of Jason and Caroline's wild and crazy projects at a relatively good price, saving lots on buying their products a la carte. The community of people defining and carving out their own versions of success is my favorite part."



RICH says:

"I bought Jason’s book and followed him online for quite a while. I bought many of his products and scored some at deep discounts (thank you Bumpsale!) and purchasing BuyOurFuture was the best way to support him moving forward. I get enough out of the content that he puts out into the world, that it just made sense to vote with my dollars."

FLAVIA says:

"One of the best decisions I've made for my business was to join the BuyOurFuture community. Jason is crazy, but very wise when it comes to business. He actually cares about the success of his community and will give you real and honest feedback (like it or not). Not only that, but he will follow up and check on you. Being part of this community has helped me a lot on all aspects of my life. Thanks Jason!!!"


NADIA says:

"BuyOurFuture has been an incredibly knowledgeable group to be a part of... so many smart people!

The community is amazing, but I think one aspect that folks don't realize is that I feel like Jason and Caroline are as invested in us as we are in them. And that is priceless."



"The community and association with Jason are hands down the number one benefits for me. I'm sure there will be more as time goes on, as this was an investment in my future, not only Jason's. For the time being, that's the main thing."


"I have made so many connections and I have not yet even scratched the surface with the potential of what the Buyourfuture community will mean to me!" 



PAUL says:

"BuyOurFuture is great, it gave me all the tools and motivation I needed to finally start building and selling my course and service. Jason and Caroline are awesome in providing value and help!"

JT says:

"One of the major things I've learned from Jason and several of his programs is how to implement. Instead of buying programs, how to actually put them to work. Right away. Best lesson ever in internet marketing!"

NATHAN says:

"My favorite part of BOF is definitely the community, but Spruce Metrics is amazing and so is YourPack. So now the products are my favorite!"


KEVIN says:

"BuyOurFuture has some of the most creative people I've ever encountered. Jason and Caroline are super gracious with the products, ideas, and tools they share within the community!"

dan says:

"Best investment ever! And I truly mean an investment because a one time purchase that keeps producing more and more useful content and a growing community motivated individuals."


EMILY says:

"I have really enjoyed watching Jason and Caroline continually reinvent their businesses. Until the last few years, it was hard for me to imagine doing that for myself."


"[In less than six months] BuyOurFuture has already proven to be a fruitful investment in my own future. As a young(ish) father who wishes to inspire in my child the sense of freedom and joy that comes from working for yourself, for your own dreams and visions - BuyOurFuture has quickly become an every day resource for taking action toward some of my highest values and aspirations.

Lifetime access to the software and courses (both released and yet to be released!) is valuable enough. But what is really awesome is membership to an inspiring and mutually supporting community of other self-empowered dreamers and visionaries."




"Community. Community. Community!!! BOF is a group of folks who genuinely want you to succeed and are willing to help you with your project and vice versa. I've learned things I didn't even know I wanted to learn but so thrilled I did. I continue to be educated by a group of 'velvet hammers' (folks are kind but also hold you accountable and push you, in a good way).
Thanks to Jason for being an unprecedented leader and sharing your future with us."


SAGI says:

"The BOF community is one of the most active communities I've seen (and I'm in a few). The thing is, Jason somehow manages to give you personal one on one time and really help you out on the personal level. I appreciate that so much, and highly recommend anyone to join the pack :) Besides, Jason is one of the most inspiring entrepreneurs I've ever met. You're the average of the 5 people you hang out with, and being a part of Jason's community means hanging with Jason :)"


"BuyourFuture is definitely the most outrageous thing I've ever purchased, but hands down the most helpful community I have found to further my own passion."



NATHAN says:

"The incredible thing about BuyOurFuture isn't even the free stuff from Jason and Caroline, which is awesome, it's the community. They've helped me with so many personal projects. It's my number one place to go for feedback."

JP says:

"BOF is my secret society of makers, creators, and just amazing people. A network of awesomeness. I have access to Jason's courses and tools, and Jason too. I also get to see people that are trying, failing, winning, and succeeding at the same thing I'm trying to do. And some even share their lessons learned, epiphanies, and processes along the way. It does wonders for my self-efficacy. I bought BOF for the courses, and those are great, but I learn so much more from the community on a day to day basis, and to me, that's priceless."

BEN says:

"BuyOurFuture is like Christmas every day. I never quite know what I'm going to get, but there's nothing like opening your inbox to discover surprising, useful, and free stuff—especially when it comes from people as adept and helpful as Jason and Caroline."


"Investing in BuyOurFuture was also a investment in my own. Having inside access to Jason's creative ideas and the tools he's developed to put them into action allows me to put my own ideas into action that much faster." 



LIZ says:

"Jason Zook manages the perfect balance of fun, competence, and brass-tacks business acumen. With a twist. Perfect. Every communication from him and everything he does through BOF makes my day & business brighter and better. He has never yet annoyed me (that in itself is worth the price of admission)."


JOSH says:

"If I hadn't already bought his future I would have bought it twice. Talk is cheap and execution is everything. Jason knows how to execute and deliver."


"Being a part of a community with like-minded individuals is what I was seeking. Oh, and the products are alright too. ;)"



PAUL says:

"This is without a doubt the best investment I have ever made - Jason always exceeds expectations and the community is amazing. I am so thankful I decide to invest in BuyOurFuture."

PETER says:

"The best thing about BOF is that I'm IN. I got immediate access to all sorts of valuable courses and resources, but I also know that I never again have to sit there and fret over whether to spend the money on this new course or product. I just get it, automatically, and I can use it whenever I want. I love that."

JIM says:

"The coolest thing about buying BMF is that, in addition to existing products, a network of action-oriented entrepreneurs, and supporting an innovative creator like Jason now, knowing that later on down the line he's going to tap you on the shoulder and say, 'Here, I made some other cool things for you.'"



"BuyOurFuture is fun, entertaining, and has presented me with an expansive sense of possibility and motivation. That's priceless."


"I love the combination of content and community. Firstly, I get access to all the amazing course content: Finish Your Damn Book, Podcast Like a Boss, How to Get Sponsorships for Anything, and more. This has accelerated my learning across a range of areas as I finish my own book and work towards its launch. Secondly, I am part of an incredibly knowledgeable, supportive community. Reading others' conversations in the slack group, and being able to ask my own questions and get very helpful answers, stretches my brain in ways that I can't put a price tag on.

Finally, the software bundle provides a whole set of easy to use tools: Teachery for online courses, Spruce Metrics for website metrics, YourPack for community building, and more. Most importantly - it's fun. I'm learning a lot, I'm enjoying it, and I have the peer support to put it all into practice straight away. I'd buy it again in a second."



LIZ says:

"Jason has some amazing offerings (how does one brain come up with all of these things) and has created a brilliant group of movers and shakers...and you can get access to BOTH with BOF! Whether you choose to dive in and use all his resources and tap into all of the brains in the group or if you're like me and dip your toe in a little at a time, this package is so worth the investment in your growth."


monica says:

"The #1 thing being apart of BOF has taught me is having your own business doesn't have to be what everyone else says it should. I love getting the behind-the-scenes of Jason's business projects. The community is also the most positive I've ever experienced. BOF is like the gift that keeps giving


"Being part of BOF makes me feel like i'm part of something awesome and real. The amount of value i get is ridiculous. It's not like anything you've seen and Jason over-delivers. Again and again."



SAM says:

"You get to interact with an adventurous supportive community, with Jason and Caroline at the helm."

DENINE says:

"I loooove how the group inspires me to me because it´s okay to be different and do things in my own unique way."


DANI says:

"Having the sheer amount of knowledge and expertise of the BOF community at my fingertips is so exciting!"

WILL says:

"Best part of BOF Is knowing that it spurs Jason to create bigger/better/stronger stuff to share with the world!"


"I think seeing projects as they are built helps me realize that all projects take time, persistence, and a lot of effort - even if they need to be rebuilt. It's OK to just be honest with your audience."



DAVID says:

"Buying Jason's future has simplified things for me in a tremendous way. I use Teachery to deliver pretty much all of my training products and it makes the whole process simple and quick. Besides that, I anticipate surprises popping up all the time (and they do) as Jason, and now Caroline, continue to deliver more and more value, creative inspiration, software products, and other useful goodies. Seriously, it's a gift to yourself that keeps on giving. Just having the privilege to connect with other likeminded entrepreneurs, and Jason and Caroline themselves (who are very present and active in the community) is an open door opportunity for anyone wanting to not just invest in Jason and Caroline's future, but in their own!"



"I love following Jason's creativity, his thinking and his doing… It motivates me, it gives me ideas, and his writing makes me smile. Purchasing BuyOurFuture was one of the best things I have done. Everything Jason and Caroline create, I get an access to as well. Many of their creations are amazing and I am using them all the time, gratefully. I always recommend to all my friends and associate to buy their future as well."



"For me, while access to Jason and Caroline's products have been awesome, the real value of BOF has been from the community. I've been very inspired to think differently about projects I'm working on in my 'day job' and also things I'm working on my own. Very often, as a creative -- especially one who doesn't necessarily fit into an artist niche - it's hard not to feel as if you're on an island alone. The BOF community has allowed me to connect with others working on similar projects."


"You get to interact with an adventurous supportive community, with Jason and caroline at the helm."



"Working with Jason and being a part of the BOF community has not only given me access to tools and expertise to help with my creative endeavors, but Jason has also helped me clarify and define my goals and set up concrete action plans to get things done. He's also just a plain awesome guy who is generous with his time and insights."



"BuyOurFuture is my first, favorite, and most widely recommended source for two things: (1) a comprehensive library of resources to help me learn and do everything I need to grow my business; and (2) an active and engaged community of like-minded entrepreneurs whose businesses are changing the world. There's no one I trust more than Jason to share the realities and possibilities of modern online business, and to ensure every action taker in this community is fully supported every step of the way. BuyMyFuture is definitely the weirdest investment I've ever made in my business, but it's also easily the BEST."



"Being part of BuyOurFuture is like being at an awesome summer party. Some people are punchdrunk - and fun to interact with - others are floating in the pool with headphones on, and most want to grab some BBQ and have a nice conversation while catching up and sharing what they're working on.

You can get pretty honest feedback and plenty of high-fiving encouragement. It's a very safe, enjoyable place to hang out. Maybe like Cheers was back in the 80s."



PAUL says:

"In a world of fake news, sleazy sales funnels, keyboard warriors and social media ninjas, there is a place where everyone knows your name. And they're always glad you came. That place is BuyOurFuture. Jason, Caroline, and the members go above and beyond to help you succeed in your business. And the fact that you get all the awesome, mind blowing, Bruce Lee like courses makes it worth every penny. Simply taking action on one course would help you explode your business. Teamwork makes the dream work. So come be a part of the BuyOurFuture team!"

IRIS says:

"I came for the tools, but I stayed for the community. Seriously, BuyOurFuture is chock full of courses and software and tools galore to help you move forward with your entrepreneurial goals, but the real value is in a committed, super helpful community, including Jason and Caroline. BOF members are quick to offer themselves as thought partners in building your latest project, fresh eyes on your site copy and some easygoing laughs when you're taking yourself too seriously. It's like all of these kind, hilarious and insanely smart people were just dropped in one place for you to hang out with."


SARAH says:

"BuyOurFuture's been a great investment for me, the best part is the group. Everyone's always very helpful and supportive, even if you're the one with the wacky ideas no one understands ;)"

NICO says:

"The BOF community is the most engaged and giving group of folks I've had the pleasure of joining. Of the MANY various affinity groups (free and paid) online I am active in, none hold a candle to the quality and quantity of goodness shared in BOF."


"As somebody who makes things on the internet, purchasing BuyOurFuture is the best investment that I ever made. So many people are buying courses and ebooks to procrastinate from taking action. BUT, what if you made an online purchase that action propelled you forward. THIS is that purchase."


"The best investment I've ever made!" 




"BuyOurFuture has been a great experience for me so far. Yeah, there's the obvious tangible stuff we get - great courses, super useful software, and early access to everything Jason and Caroline create. But it's the more intangible stuff I've appreciated the most! Interacting with fun, smart people on the Slack channel has been great. People who are not interested in doing things the way everyone else does them and pushing their boundaries in order to grow (in their business and often in the rest of their lives too!) has been inspiring. TL;DR version: Yay BOF!"


TOM says:

"BOF is a wonderful way to step away from all the 'gurus' we all run in to on a regular basis and simply a great exercise in 'not knowing.' Not knowing what Jason and Caroline are going to come up with next; not knowing how their past projects are immediately going to be helpful but trusting that learning will take place and, above all, it will be FUN. That's more than enough for me."


"Jason Zook is an insane person, who has changed the way I think about business – and life.

You aren't buying his future. You're buying your own."



"I bought BuyOurFuture mostly for the software products (Teachery, ofCourseBooks, YourPack, Spruce, etc), and it's already been worth well more than I paid. Since I've started using a few of these, my online community of indie filmmakers is thriving and connecting with each other like never before, and my business is finally coming into its own.

Then when you throw in the courses and books, the thriving community, and Jason and Caroline's random surprises, I can honestly say that BuyOurFuture is one of the best investments I've ever made."




"The access to all the courses and resources is one big gift you can give yourself to enhance your knowledge and excel in your business. What I didn't expect is the uplifting and supportive exchange in his community of sharing, knowledgeable and fun people that are there for you when you need a helping hand, a pick me up, or just a laugh. You can't put a price on that."

reed says:

"It's the best business investment I've made! I can honestly say I have taken more action in my life to achieve my business and life goals because of BOF. Jason (& Caroline) provide real value; they don't sell the dream, they sell the truth. There is WAY more value than what I paid for! One of the best parts is, they keep making more products, so the value grows FOREVER!"


"Oh boy, oh boy. BuyMyFuture has been one of those rare purchases where you immediately say 'well that was totally worth it' - and really mean it. Yet, this is just the beginning. I have learned from Jason (and Caroline) what it authentically means to be an entrepreneur, who actually loves what they do and maintains a high level of freedom. Come to think of it, Jason and the BOF community have absolutely left an indelible mark on my life and markedly aimed my career, happiness, and life trajectories higher."



"I thought I was buying Jason's future to take advantage of all of the awesome software he's helped develop -- I was using it anyway, so why not get rid of that month-by-month cash outlay? But what I found was that the software was merely the cherry on top of an incredible community of people from all over the world willing to share their incredibly wise thoughts, advice and experiences with each other and even little ole me. That community (people I call friends even though we've never met) is what makes BuyOurFuture so special. Some of the best money I've ever spent. Period."




"Buy My Future is not only an investment in Jason and Caroline's future, it's an investment in your own too. Having access to all their products has given me the peace of mind that if I need it, I have a sort of entrepreneurial library where I can always go."



"I purchased BOF for Teachery - all the rest has been a bonus!"


"I've met fellow BOF'ers, networked with like minded people, helped and gotten help from the community, and overall found a great place to throw around ideas, brainstorm, and incubate." 



"I joined BuyOurFuture because of the incredible value I had previously received from Jason's work. I have no doubt that Jason and Caroline will go on to achieve and create many more valuable and inspiring things and BuyOurFuture is an exciting opportunity to support and take part in that. What I did not expect, is the amazingly engaged community, one which I have enjoyed watching develop and am very glad to be a part of."




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